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Manueluv and I are convinced Agent K is Coulson’s father. Hell, MIB is even owned by Marvel. 

Because Erin linked it on chat and somehow spawned…. this. 

Two weeks after Phil gets the offer from SHIELD, his phone rings. An untraceable number. He picks up.

“Hi son.” It’s a voice he hasn’t expected to hear, since Dad is supposed to be in a coma in a hospital somewhere, but given all that he’s seen it really doesn’t surprise him. SHIELD has connections, after all, so he knows about the other agency of black suits.

“Mom’s going to be mad, you know.” Phil smiles just a little. It’s good to hear his father’s voice after thirty five years.

The man on the other end just laughs.





(So yes, bits and pieces)

His mother is proud when her boy joins SHIELD. She’s proud of him when he drops by one afternoon in summer, clad in a clean-cut black suit and a striped purple-and-blue tie, a brown-haired man in the car grinning as Phil greets her on the doorstep of their home.

“Your father would be proud,” she hugs him and murmurs into his ear. 

He can’t tell her that Dad is a part of another covert agency guarding the borders of the universe, that he’s only gotten that one call because the Director has leverage over just about everyone. 

So Phil just nods. “I know.” 


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